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The meadow is green,
The sky is smiling too.
Give me a thousand,
I'll smile too!

An elderly uncle is waiting for his wife at the train station.

When your aunt arrives, they hug each other:

"But it's good you finally came, I missed you!" says Uncle.

"But it's good to finally see you, these two days have been so long." the aunt answers.

A boy standing nearby, waiting for his girlfriend, is touched at the sight of the scene and walks over to them:

"Don't be angry since you've been married?"

- It's been 50 years. the answer sounds.

- I hope we'll be like that in 50 years with my sweetheart," the boy smiles.

Uncle walks over to him, grabs his shoulder and says,

- Young man, don't expect that. You decide that yourself. "

                                                          Father Paul Feri

Before you act, think!

If you collect 100 black ants and 100 red ants and put them in a bottle, nothing will happen. But grab the bottle, shake it violently and put it on the table. The ants start killing each other. Red thinks black is the enemy, while black thinks red is the enemy when the real enemy is the one who shook the bottles.

----- The same is true in society -----

Men and women

Left and right

Rich and poor

Faith and science

Young and old

Etc. ...

Before we fight each other, we need to ask ourselves:


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